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After spending 17 years delivering customer feedback programs to leading brands in North America, we came to the realization the industry we were part of had lost it’s way and was no longer delivering value for the budget spend so we knew it was time to change the way we did business.

So in 2014, we launched FreshFeedback to reflect our mission of being the most affordable Customer & Employee Feedback provider as an alternative to our out-of-touch and over-priced competitors.


Our mission is simple: Arm our clients with the insights they need to help them create deliver the experiences their customers expect by using robust cutting-edge technologies, delivering amazing service & support while offering a fee structure that is realistic and fair-minded.

As a full-service partner, FreshFeedback provides clients with complete program design & development, program management,and ongoing support.
So if you're looking for Fresh Insights, Fresh Thinking and Fresh Pricing, reach out to us...we're here for you.