Help Your Contact Center Team…Help Your Customers

Improve Service Delivery With Personalized Scorecard
Measure Individual & Team Performance
Identify Under-Performers

Affordable Pricing

Provide visitors with an easy way to give feedback about their experience with your Contact Center

Easy Deployment

Three deployment options that will deliver the insights your team needs to meet your customers expectations

Real Time Alerts

Be alerted via email about critical customer issues to eliminate customer defection

Real Time Reporting

Receive the insights in real-time by way of our dashboard that is built to suit all your stakeholders needs.

Identify Obstacles And Remove Issues For Your Customers

The primary mission of any Contact Center is to retain customers, through each and every interaction. Call resolution, and more importantly, First Call Resolution (FCR) are the keys to meeting this goal. The true judge of these two metrics is – and can only be – the customer, not the contact center.

Customers whose transactions are resolved on the first call are, naturally, the most satisfied. Customers who do not get their calls resolved are more likely to defect than those whose calls are resolved. That means that unresolved calls have an impact on the customer’s satisfaction with the company as a whole.

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3 Deployment Options Available To Deliver The Insights You Need

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Call Wrap-Up Survey – Agent Driven
At the end of a call, the agent immediately seeks feedback on the experience they just provided.

Invitation to Survey By Agent
Agents provides Customer with website address either verbally or via email.

Invitation To Survey By FreshFeedback
Client downloads customer permission-based emails or SMS/Text numbers and FreshFeedback initiates the email or SMS/Text to customer.

Reduce Customer Service Failures With Instant Alerts

Our Instant Alerts deliver pertinent information to the stakeholders mobile device or desktop within seconds of the customer completing the survey to help them "Rescue" customer relationships.

In addition to reducing customer service failures, agent "Rave" alerts can also be delivered to stakeholders to celebrate above & beyond agent behaviors.

Driving loyalty with customers and employees is always a winning solutions.

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Smarter Coaching…Smarter Teams

Smart coaching begins with having the right information at your fingertips.

With our fully customized reporting dashboards, your team will have the insights they need to coach, train and praise team members.

Reward Customers For Sharing Their Thoughts With Automated Personalized Offers

Thank customers while generating real revenue by adding an offer to the thank you email participants receive after they complete the survey will generate real incremental revenue for your brand.

A few of the stats achieved in 2017

  • Conversion rate above 44%
  • 59.9% increase in basket size
  • Lowest revenue generated for a client: $173,984
  • Highest revenue generated for a client: $1,375,000

Data Integration

Integrating the customers survey data we gather on your behalf into your enterprise system is simple and unobtrusive.

We utilize several secure file transfer protocols which are all highly encrypted to keep your data safe.


Attractive Survey

Lower your site’s bounce rate and increase time on-site by showing a custom message to the visitors visiting or leaving your website.


Target visitors by country, device, browser, OS, traffic source, IP or UTM parameters, target new or returning visitors. Show widgets on selected pages only.

Design & Branding

Your Survey is designed from top to bottom to reflect your brand and website design from images, colors, fonts and animations.

Mobile Responsive

Responsive widgets adapt to the screen size of mobile devices and feature big touch-friendly calls-to-action and clear design for a great mobile user experience.

Instant Alerts

Based on the visitors behaviors and ratings, instant alerts can be sent in real-time to stakeholders in order to rescue the visitor.

Thank You & Offer Delivery

Automatic custom messages will be sent to visitors who completed a survey, complete with a discount coupon code if you so desire.

Real Time Insights

See how your widgets perform with real-time insights, easy-to-read graphs, downloadable reports on our permission based dashboards.

Ad Hoc Reports

Need more info? We're here for you when you need a one-off report or we can schedule repeated reports to be delivered when you need it.

Legacy Data

Integrating legacy data from another feedback provider into our system is no problem and done at no cost. 

Our Industry Leading Pricing

As your full service partner, we take care of everything from design, to reporting, to ongoing support.

You tell us what you’re objectives are, we build the survey, design the look & feel, build the reports you need, give you access to your real-time dashboard and support you on your objectives.

It's as simple as that!