9 Out Of 10 Visitors Leave Your Site
Without Taking Action!

Understand Why Visitors Aren't Converting
Reduce Cart Abandonment
Increase Conversions

Affordable Pricing

Provide visitors with an easy way to give feedback about their experience on your website or online store.

Great User Experience

Provide visitors with an easy to use interface that can be combined with incentives to participate.

Mobile Ready

Adapts to screen sizes of mobile devices for the best mobile user experience possible.

Reporting & Alerts

Receive the insights in real-time by way of our dashboard and be alerted via email regarding critical situations.

It Starts With A Great Invitation

Our invitation widgets are discrete and can be placed on any edge of the screen and appears to the visitor based on pre-determined settings.

The survey interface is easy and quick for visitors to use which means high participation rates, especially if you provide them with an incentive such as participation in a draw of a discount coupon.

The look & feel of the invitation and survey is designed to compliment your brand and website design.

image of computer, tablet and cell phone
image of computer, tablet and cell phone

Great Questions And A Warm Thank You

Count on us to design the right questions and deliver them on our easy to use interface so we can get the insights you need to help you make adjustments to reduce your bounce rate, eliminate cart abandonment and increase conversions.

Email triggers can be set to alert you of a visitors need, experience and any other information you need in real-time.

We design everything from the invitation, to questions, to thank you messages to drive Visitor participation.

Right Message At The Right Time

Your website visitors are valuable. FreshFeedback’s Website Intercepts get the right message in front of your visitors to access hard-to-reach insights and increase key conversion metrics.

Having this control gives us the ability to help you improve site usability, track NPS®, offer a promotion, or even gather opt-in email addresses.

Sophisticated Visitor Targeting

Every website visit is a chance to engage with customers.

Not every customer is the same, so giving the same treatment to all visitors would be a mistake.

Our Website Intercept website feedback software allows us to pinpoint the right visitors with over 20 behavioral, location, and device-type variables.

We pinpoint you ideal audience

  • Time on Site
  • New or returning visitors
  • Page location
  • Device
  • IP address and location exclusion


Custom Messaging

Lower your site’s bounce rate and increase time on-site by showing a custom message to the visitors visiting or leaving your website.


Target visitors by country, device, browser, OS, traffic source, IP or UTM parameters, target new or returning visitors. Show widgets on selected pages only.

Smart Triggers

We have full control over your widget's behavior, start and stop widgets based on scrolling, after a set amount of time, on a certain date or day of the week.

Design & Branding

Your Website Intercept Survey is designed from top to bottom to reflect your brand and website design from images, colors, fonts and animations.

Instant Alerts

Based on the visitors behaviors and ratings, instant alerts can be sent in real-time to stakeholders in order to rescue the visitor.

Mobile Responsive

Responsive widgets adapt to the screen size of mobile devices and feature big touch-friendly calls-to-action and clear design for a great mobile user experience.

Thank you & Coupon Delivery

Automatic custom messages will be sent to visitors who completed a survey, complete with a discount coupon code if you so desire.

A/B Testing

We can create several versions of the same widget and let your website visitors determine what version works better based on colors, layout, texts and call-to-actions.

Real Time Insights

See how your widgets perform with real-time insights, easy-to-read graphs, downloadable reports on our permission based dashboards.

our industry leading pricing

image of computer, tablet and cell phone

As your full service partner, we take care of everything from design, to reporting, to ongoing support.

You tell us what you’re objectives are, we build the survey, design the look & feel, build the reports you need, give you access to your real-time dashboard and support you on your objectives.

It's as simple as that.

7 Reasons To Use A Website Intercept Survey

Visitors leaving before a making a purchase.
Find out why customers leave before they make a purchase and use the insights to improve and decrease the cart abandonment rate.

User Research and Testing
Learn about your visitors about their overall website experience, including the type of content, services and products available to guide future changes.

Net Promoter Score
Ask visitors, “On a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to recommend our service/product/website?” to determine your loyalty metrics

Customer Satisfaction
If you sell products or services on your website, discover what your potential customers want you to offer and how to diversify your offerings.

Post-purchase survey
You can easily discover friction points in your purchase path and fix them to increase conversation rates and sales.

Newsletter signups
Trigger a newsletter signup form to your users 30-60 seconds while they read your content.

Promotion or discount offers
Display a promotion or discount code to your returning visitors to your site and dramatically increase the chance of a purchase.