The Voice Of The Customer Solution
That Delivers More!

Measure + Manage + Deliver The Experience Customers Expect
Rescue Customers & Celebrate Positive Employee Behaviours
Drive Return Visits & Generate Incremental Revenue

Affordable Pricing

We built our solution from the ground-up to provide boutique-like service while offering the best pricing in the industry.

Our Clients

The clients we serve span the spectrum of Retail, Food Service, Pharmacy, Services, Automotive and Healthcare.

Right Info Right People

Real-time and role-based to deliver the right information to the right people at the right time.

Revenue Growth

Our process generates real revenue by delivering offers to survey participants who convert at rates above 50%.

highly graphical

From page backgrounds to question look and feel, we create a survey experience that engages participants to start and more importantly, finish the survey process


Whether it's finding out how many times customers visit, gathering open text comments, to rating a new advertising campaign, we'll get the answers you need.


English, French, Spanish or gibberish, our survey solution will collect the data and report it in the language you need.

image of cell phone

Surveys don't have to be ugly or boring!

We're all used to boring surveys that don't engage customers, so we set out to change that by creating an experience for the participant that is enjoyable, fast and designed with the mobile user in mind. That's Fresh Thinking!

Close The Feedback Loop, Take Action & Drive Loyalty

Our Instant Alerts deliver pertinent information to the stakeholders mobile device or desktop within seconds of the customer completing the survey to help them "Rescue" customer relationships. "Rave" about great employees and personalized emails to "Thank" customers.

Rescue Alert
Rave Alert
Customer Thank You

Every Marketer knows the value of
customer email let us
collect them for you.

Our non-intrusive customer opt-in process will help you build relationship that drive revenue by letting your customers choose the type of relationship they want, the topics they want to hear about, and the frequency theywant to hear from you.

Avg. email optin rate for News, Events & Promotional offers is 44% Avg. optin rate for Participation in future research projects is 37%
Avg. SMS optin rate for News, Events & Promotional offers is 33% Avg. optin rate for Loyalty programs or VIP status is 42%

Drives Positive Social Media Posts

GrowAdvocate™, our Social Media Engagement tool, engages delighted customers to post positive recommendations about their experience by way of a real-time feed to their favorite social media page before they even finish the survey process.

What a better way to increase trust in your brand!

Drive Real Revenue With Automated Personalized Offers

Adding an offer to the thank you email participants receive after they complete the survey will generate real incremental revenue for your brand.

A few of the stats achieved in 2017

  • Conversion Rate above 44%
  • 59.9% increase in basket size
  • Lowest revenue generated for a client: $173,984
  • Highest revenue generated for a client: $1,375,000

Adhoc Reports

Need more info? We're here for you when you need an one-off report or we can schedule repeated reports to be delivered when you need it.

image of people in a meeting

Real-Time Dashboard Reports

No one-size fits all approach here! We custom build the type, look, feel and frequency of reporting you need for all levels of your organization. Once built, our dashboards allow stakeholders to monitor their specific business KPI's, anytime and anywhere, using a desktop or mobile devices.


With a single click, stakeholders can drill-down to view insights at every level of the organization.


Charts paint a picture but sometimes using our easy to use filters help identify the root cause of specific issues.


Each stakeholders accesses their own real-time graphical dashboard to view their KPI’s and other insights.


With role-based permissions, only the right people will have access to their role specific views of the dashboards.


Locations without access to the Internet? No problem...we'll email their reports based on a set schedule.


Integrating legacy data from another feedback provider into our system is no problem and done at no cost.

Our Industry Leading Pricing

# Locations 10-49
Monthly Fees $35.00 $25.00 $20.00 $15.00 $10.00 Contact Us
One-Time Program Set-up $2,999 $2,999 $2,999 $2,999 $2,999 Contact Us
Peace of Mind Features
Dedicated Client Management
Survey Development & Administration
Survey & Question Set Design
Survey Website Development
Customer Invitation Design
Full Contest Administration
Online Store Survey
Survey Question Changes
Revenue Generation
Instant Alerts
Customer Email &
SMS Opt-Ins
Social Media Referrals
Offer Distribution Automation
Personalized Offer Updates
Customized Online Reporting
Adhoc Reporting
Data Transfer or Integration
Historical Data Migration